Christ Fellowship of Louisville


Ministry. Service.

Community Groups

At Christ Fellowship, we believe Community Groups are an excellent way to facilitate the mutual encouragement, care, and service that the Bible calls the local church body to practice toward one another. Therefore, our groups include about 8-12 believers committing to meet regularly for fellowship, study, accountability, prayer, and service.

When and Where?

Community groups at CFC are free to meet anytime during the week. However, the majority of our groups meet on the second and fourth Sunday evenings of the month. Our community groups meet in the homes of our members around Louisville.

Who Can Join?

Community groups at CFC are intended primarily to help our members provide biblical care and encouragement for one another. At CFC, we understand participation in a small group as one aspect of our commitment to this local congregation. Therefore, although you do not have to have completed the membership process before joining a group, group participation is reserved for members or those moving toward membership.

How Do I Get into a Small Group?

Please contact us for more information on joining a small group.

Adult Bible Study

Consistent with our fundamental belief that the Bible is God’s inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word, we offer a Bible study for adults each Sunday morning. Topics range from practical/doctrinal studies such as marriage, parenting, holiness, the attributes of God, the person and work of Christ to in-depth expositions of individual books of the Bible. Our Bible study seeks to equip and mature believers in their daily walk with Christ with the goal of preparing them to disciple others and live as salt and light in a broken world.

Student Ministry

Our ministry to students stresses commitment to Jesus Christ and the church. Our objective in our student ministry is to speak of the glory of the cross to students where they live and see their lives transformed through the teaching of the Word of God.

CFC Women

The mission of Christ Fellowship Church is to glorify and worship God in order to make disciples of Christ and to reach Louisville and the world for Christ. CFC Women exists to support this mission through in-depth Bible study, personal application, and Christ-centered fellowship among women.

CFC Kids

Christ Fellowship Church provides numerous opportunities for your children to learn about and serve God.  Every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. we provide Sunday school classes for pre-school through high school. Additionally, CFC offers children’s church (infants to pre-K) during the 10:30 a.m. worship gathering. On Wednesday nights, CFC offers Kingdom Kids for children up to 12 years of age in which our children learn biblical truth through the time-honored practice of catechesis. In Kingdom Kids, children will memorize Scripture and will also learn about great missionaries and other famous figures from church history.